dining in fall



Beef Tartare 15

cured egg yolk, cauliflower, broccoli, gochujang, caper, pear


cabbage, konyak, bell pepper, pear, seaweed, pickled mustard seeds, korean mustard dressing, cucumber granita

red bean soup 13

red bean puree, sweet potato, date, and crispy lentil (vegan)


duck 18/28

duck breast, duck confit dumpling, sweet soy duck jus with foie gras, persimmon puree, cauliflower crumbs and parsnip

Kimchi Gnocchi 16/26

perilla leaf pesto, parmigiano reggiano, brussel sprouts, kale, swiss chard and garlic (vegan)

Oyster with Maesaengii 22

butter poached oyster, maesaengii risotto, clam jus


beef striploin 32

creamed spinach and rapini, doenjang pomme puree, kalbi jus

sea bream 30

seafood mandoo, radicchio, pea pure, dark soy beurre blanc

truffle 30

black rice bibimbap with whipped truffle butter, soy bibimbap sauce, wild mushrooms, korean mountainous wild vegetables


banana ice cream 10

banana ice cream with peanut butter crumb and black rice puff

mont blanc 10

mugwort and chestnut mont blanc

4 COURSE - 70 PP




Next Generation
 soju, perilla, maple, lime, ginger beer

Down In Busan
Altos Tequila, Muscat, lime juice, perilla leaves

In Harmony
 Campari, grapefruit, lime, sesame orgeat, toasted rosemary

Old Boy
 cucumber infused Boodles Gin, rice vinegar, soy, daikon

Bloor Line
Ungave Gin, toasted barley tea, smoked maple, Gastown Bitters

New Old Style
 Crown Royal Nothern Harvest Rye, apricot,
demerara, ginseng bitters

The Antidote
Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch, yuzu, ginger,
honey-yuzu marmalade

Hail to the Kim
plum wine, soju, aloe, red chili

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