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endive (v)

doenjang vinaigrette, cranberry gel, candied almond, buttermilk 13

korean beef tartare

egg yolk, smoked cheddar, pear gel, quinoa, arugula 15

salmon crudo

sour gochujang, buttermilk, dill oil, Korean melon, cucumber 15

bibim noodle

spicy wild boar ragù, free range egg yolk, red chilli, chives, nori 18

jjajang soojebi

potato soojebi, pork belly jjajang, smoked bacon, parmigiano reggiano 16

seaweed risotto

oyster, shrimp, baby calamari, baby octopus 18

chicken thigh

perilla leaf ginger oil, kalbi sauce, squash puree, pickled vegetables 20


duck confit, chilli oil, perilla leaf, spring onion 18

Ssam: duck breast

ssamjang, onion and chive, nectarine and ginger chutney with hoisin sauce, lettuce 22

Five Dishes 85
(V) Vegetarian
No substitutions




Next Generation
 soju, perilla, maple, lime, ginger beer

Pear of My Eye
disaronno, Tito’s vodka, pear juice, lime

In Harmony
 Campari, grapefruit, lime, sesame orgeat, toasted rosemary

New Old Style
 Crown Royal Nothern Harvest Rye, mandarin syrup, orange bitter

The Antidote
Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch, yuzu, ginger, honey-yuzu marmalade

Hail to the Kim
plum wine, soju, aloe, red chili

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