Beet 14

beet, goat feta, white kimchi, yuja, rhubarb, sorrel, walnut

k.f.c. 14

chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken liver, quince, chilli, radish

soondae Pâté 16

pork blood, glutinous rice, dangmyun, celeriac, beef tripe

Uhsun Mandoo 16

seafood ravioli, red chilli, fish consomme, dried pollack

arancini 16

veal sweetbread, gorgonzola, kimchi and eggplant ragout, parmigiano-reggiano

sweet potato 20

sweet potato gnocchi, sauce soubise, perilla seed, portobellini foam, braised endive

Saewoojang Dupbap 18

soy brined shrimp, gim, gamtae, myungran jeot, rice

Mushroom Bibimbap (add truffle for 15) 18

black rice, korean dried wild vegetables, seasonal mushroom, gochujang

scallop 24

scallop, gochujang xo butter, fennel, dill, citrus, spring pea

lamb jjim 24

ontario lamb, korean radish, carrot, potato, spinach

beef 24

skirt steak, doenjang, green onion chimichurri, kale, brussel sprout kimchi, noorook soybean powder, jerusalem artichoke

pork 22

pork belly, gochujang, lotus root, quinoa, cucumber, fermented shrimp aioli

Ojinguh Soondae 18

ambalaya, calamari, tomato, chogochujang

octopus 24

honey butter, mustard, cabbage, cucumber, konyak

dessert 10

ask server for selection

7 DISHES - 130

Kindly be advised there are no substitutions.




Next Generation
 soju, perilla, maple, lime, ginger beer

Down In Busan
Altos Tequila, Muscat, lime juice, perilla leaves

In Harmony
 Campari, grapefruit, lime, sesame orgeat, toasted rosemary

Old Boy
 cucumber infused Boodles Gin, rice vinegar, soy, daikon

Bloor Line
Ungave Gin, toasted barley tea, smoked maple, Gastown Bitters

New Old Style
 Crown Royal Nothern Harvest Rye, apricot,
demerara, ginseng bitters

The Antidote
Johnnie Walker Red Label scotch, yuzu, ginger,
honey-yuzu marmalade

Hail to the Kim
plum wine, soju, aloe, red chili

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